The Big Business Trends For 2020

It’s time to say ‘hello’ to the future and welcome a new era – that’s right 2020 fully in swing at this point! If you’re wondering what’s in store for the year ahead, there’s plenty of interesting trends on the business horizon. From better connectivity for web hosting, to digital detoxing and going greener – here’s just a few of the trends coming your way in 2020….

Say Hello to 5G

Just as you were getting use to 4G, its friend 5G comes along to usurp it! What does this mean? Well in simple terms, 5G is going to make digital interactions quicker than ever, with download speeds of about 1 Gbps – that’s pretty quick. This will be to the benefit of the consumer, meaning less waiting around for slow downloads on websites and elsewhere. If you’re a start-up looking to buy domain, make sure you stay ahead of the trend, with a fully optimised website for speedy transactions.

Remote Working

The gig economy has come into its own in the past few years or so. Today 200,000 Irish workers are considered to be part of the ‘gig economy’ – that is working in non-permanent jobs. In order to stay relevant in an ever-changing world, professionals will need to think of new ways to stay ahead of the game. This includes finding remote offices for shared working, investing in new software, adopting new technologies, and undertaking anything that gives them a competitive edge, such as having a .ie domain to stand out from the crowd.

Digital Detoxing

In recent years wellbeing has crept up the agenda. It’s no surprise since we’re all working longer hours than ever before, taking its toll on our health. In a recent industry report, a recommendation to promote “good work practices” has had some traction. Forward-thinking businesses are already reviewing policies for working hours and employee communication outside of business hours. Could it be that ‘digital detoxing’ is the new ‘always on’? Quite possibly. Expect to see the business world ‘unplugging’ a little and getting back to nature in 2020.

More Artificial Intelligence

We’ve already entered the era of artificial intelligence, but this is only set to grow in the coming decade. Already, businesses with an online presence are seeing the value of 24/7 customer service through chatbots for instance. If you own a website domain and are customer facing, this is certainly an area to consider to stay ahead of the game. The next iteration of AI will be in understanding and tracking customer preferences, monitoring these for a more personalised and tailored experience. Spotify is already one of the progressive companies who have adopted this into their business.

Going Green

Where once going green was reserved for leftfield types, today it’s very much part of mainstream culture. As such, businesses should be championing their green credentials, in every which way possible. If you’re vegan friendly, or use organic products or recycled energy – it’s something to shout about in the coming year.

Voice Recognition

We can thank Alexa and Google Home for the advent in voice recognition devices. Making life easy and convenient, it’s vastly becoming the go-to for consumers. We’re afraid this trend is here to stay. A recent report predicts that by 2020, nearly a third of web browsing will be voice
activated. Therefore, now’s the time to sort your web hosting out, to ensure you have a robust product to compete in this growing industry.

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