Applying for an IE domain as an individual – How?

Quite often we come across individuals wanting to register an IE domain name but are of the belief they must have a registered business to achieve this. This is not the case. The bottom line for IE domain registration is:

You must provide information to connect yourself with the domain you require. The information required and what format this is to be provided in depends on the domain holder, for example a registered company, individual, group or sole trader.

In the case of you being an individual and wanting to register a domain for personal use only you will need to provide a fax or a signed scan with the following information (running from the example of a domain “”

Who you are

Outline who you are and why you would have a connection to this domain name. In this case explain you are a football fan with an active interest in the sport.

What the domain is and what the site will be used for

Outline the general concept of the site keeping in mind it cannot be seen to be a business venture.

Why you choose this name over another

Explain the relevancy of this domain to your idea and why you didn’t choose a different name over this.

Show evidence that you have invested significant time and effort into the domain

Provide a mock-up of a logo, screen shot of the website or anything which shows you have actively worked to use this name for your website.

The overall submission does not have to be too long in length with 10-15 lines usually sufficing. Once you have this complete, contact a member of Letshost’s sales team for more information on submitting this information with your IE domain application.

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