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Do you know who is looking at your website right now?

Sure, you can look in Google Analytics and see the numbers and some broad demographics. But what about the people behind the numbers? They could be your next-door neighbour, your chief competitor, or even a potential new customer you’ve been trying to win over.

Imagine being able to see who they are. You’d be able to reach out to them with a personalised message or tempt them with a special offer that’s custom to them.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with one of our partners, Leadinfo, to offer a fantastic lead generation tool that allows you to tap into this vast pool of potential new customers.

Real-time data

You’ll have a live Dashboard that lets you view who is browsing your website at that point in time. Invaluable information such as company name, contact details and LinkedIn profiles of key personnel will all be displayed for you. It’s a wealth of data that lets you plan a bespoke sales and marketing campaign specifically for those contacts.

GDPR compliance

Data protection standards are understandably rigorous, and staying compliant with them is a key task for any reputable business. That’s why Leadinfo maintains full compliance with the latest standards, such as GDPR, allowing you to reinforce your commitment to privacy.

1-Click integration

We mentioned Google Analytics earlier, as you’re probably already using it. Perhaps you also have Google Ads, as well as some sales tools such as Salesforce and Zendesk. The good news is that Leadinfo offers seamless integrations with a huge number of popular apps, so you can keep using the tools you’re already using.


So there you have it. Leadinfo is a powerful and intuitive tool that will help you identify new leads and give you the information you need to try and convert them into customers.

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