5 key maintenance steps for your LetsHost e-mail

Your LetsHost account offers great e-mail features as standard, with everything you need to set up and manage all of the e-mail addresses you’ll ever need.

E-mail from LetsHost is straightforward to set up, easy to use, and with a few simple maintenance steps management is a breeze.

E-mail cPanel

Keeping your e-mail accounts healthy

  • Keep an eye on space: check your e-mail accounts, regularly. If you have quotas set up for particular accounts, ensure that none of your mailboxes are full or approaching capacity. If they are download or delete mail to free up space.
  • Clear up your “catch-all”: if you use a default address for undelivered mail on your domains (often dubbed a catch-all address) check it regularly for legitimate undelivered mail (miss-spelled e-mail addresses and the like) and delete any spam.
  • Monitor spam tools: BoxTrapper and SpamAssassin, both of which come as standard on your LetsHost Complete Irish Hosting Plan, are  very powerful tools for managing the incessant flow of junk mail into your accounts. It’s important to monitor your spam management tool of choice regularly to make sure all of your legitimate e-mail is being white-listed and delivered correctly.
  • Remove unused / unnecessary accounts: we’ve all done it… left “dormant” e-mail accounts sitting on our servers when they’re well past their sell-by date. They not only take up space on your server, they also add to clutter in your e-mail control panel, making maintenance of your active accounts less efficient.
  • Check your forwarders and filters: your hosting account offers comprehensive filtering and mail forwarding features to help you manage the delivery of your incoming mail. In some respects these are “set them and forget them” rules… but it pays to check them regularly to make sure they’re still up to date, and that all of your mail is being delivered to the right place.

Your LetsHost e-mail is a powerful, versatile and cost effective communications tool. With just a little bit of e-mail account maintenance you can keep it efficient and effective.

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