Configuring your e-mail client

Your LetsHost hosting account gives you as many e-mail addresses as you’re ever likely to need, but how do you create a new e-mail address and then configure your desktop e-mail client to collect mail form it? Let’s take a look.

Creating a new e-mail address

Creating a new e-mail address in your LetsHost hosting account is very straightforward:

  • Log in to your letshost control panel (typically accessed through, where “” is the primary domain associated with your LetsHost web hosting account).
  • Under “Mail”, click “E-Mail Accounts”.
  • In the text box before the @ symbol type the name you’d like to use for the new e-mail account
  • In the dropdown selection box after the @ symbol select the domain you’d like the new e-mail address assigned to (if you only have one domain registered it will default to that)
  • Type and confirm a password for your new e-mail account (or click the button to generate a random password)
  • Set a storage quota for your new mailbox… (default is 250MB, or check “unlimited” if you’d rather)
  • Click “Create Account”

That’s it… your new e-mail account will be created and will appear in the list of e-mail addresses immediately below the “create account” form.

Configuring your e-mail software

Your LetsHost hosting account offers the option of auto-configuring the popular Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express e-mail software for Microsoft Windows operating systems, and the Mac Mail software that’s bundled with MacOSx.

To access the autoconfigure option simply find your new e-mail address in the e-mail account list and click on the “more” button. You’ll see options for accessing web-mail for the account (allowing you to check and manage your e-mail through your web browser) or to configure your desktop e-mail client. Choose “configure e-mail client”. You’ll be taken to a page explaining the different auto-configure options, with links to launch the relevant software to configure your e-mail client to work with your new account.

If you use different e-mail software, or would prefer to configure your e-mail client manually, you’ll find all of the relevant information listed under the “Manual Settings” heading. Setting up e-mail accounts on different mail clients will vary slightly, but broadly follows a standard process that will look something like this:

  • Launch your e-mail software and select the menu option to create a new account
  • Enter your name, your e-mail user name (in the form — replacing the @ of your e-mail address with a +)
  • Enter the password you chose when creating your e-mail account
  • Enter the incoming and outgoing mail server settings as outlined under “manual settings” on the “configure e-mail client” page in the LetsHost Control Panel
  • Save your new account settings

Once you’ve saved the account details you’re ready to send and receive e-mail from/to your brand new e-mail address.