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All About Irish dot IE domain names

All About IE domain names


If you reside in Ireland, own a business, and are interested in honing in on the right web domain then consider choosing an .ie domain. But what precisely is an .ie domain and why do you need one?


Irish domain names, or .ie domains, are strictly for websites that originate in Ireland. With millions of websites throughout the world, domain names create a user-friendly way of tracking down the right website according to the region. For businesses, this translates into greater online visibility and more traffic to their website.


Some of what you are able to accomplish with an .ie domain include registering for several versions of the same name, as well as being able to register for your domain before becoming a registered business in Ireland. In other words, you don’t have to have a legal company before you purchase your domain.


Prior to securing your Irish domain registration however, you must meet the following requirements:



Once you have successfully completed these requirements, you will then be given your IE domain. The process is simple, easy, and one of the best ways to draw local attention to your website. Set up your Irish domain today and start reaping the benefits tomorrow.