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Why am I having issues repointing DNS for a .ie domain?

I have a domain and I want to change the nameservers so that I can point it towards a hosting account with another provider. My first step is to log in to my client area via I navigate to My Domains > View Details. I enter the nameservers ‘’ & ‘’. I receive an error similar to the following:

Error: is not authoritative for zone Your DNS change has been unsuccessful.
Please verify your DNS entry and try again. If you still get this error, please contact your hosting provider and ask them to set up DNS for your domain, and then try the change again.

What the above error is telling me is that a zone (or DNS record) does not exist for on the target nameservers. It is a requirement of all .ie domains that a zone exists on the target nameservers prior to actually making the change.

My next step is to contact the owners of the nameservers and request that a zone be created for

How do I find out who owns the nameservers? If the nameserver itself is not a give away ( for Lethost nameservers) my first stop would be to go to do an Internet search for it. I could also do a WHOIS lookup on the domain by going to and entering From the output I can see that this domain is registed by Letshost.

When contacting the owners of the nameservers I tell them the IP address of the server where my website and email are hosted.

e.g.: I have my website hosted with – IP: << A record
I have my emails hosted with – IP << MX record

The information I forward on to the owners of is:


I wish to change the nameservers of my domain to ns1/ I am unable to do this as it is a requirement of all .IE domains that a zone exists on the target nameservers prior to me making the change.

Can you create a zone with the following details:
A record (website) –
MX record (email) –

Johnny Customer

Once this zone is created for my domain I can then go back in to my client area and change the nameservers. The response I get this time is “Your DNS has been updated successfully !”

I wait about an hour for these changes to DNS to propagate and then check my site.

To my horror the site still displays a holding page or nothing at all! The reason for this is that changes to the nameservers of a .ie domain will only take effect after one of the IEDR reloads. These reloads occur at 10:00, 12:00, 17:00 & 22:00 7 days a week. For example if I changed my domains nameservers at 14:00 I would have to wait until the next IEDR reload at 17:00 before these changes would take effect.