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How it Works

LetsHost servers have enterprise-class resilience, with multi-layered security, a self-healing architecture and automatic hypervisor failover.
This saves valuable admin time and helps ensure maximum uptime for your customers.


Dedicated Resources – Disk Space, IP addressing, Memory and CPU

All our server equipment uses the very latest Dell C Series blade servers, with Quad Core Dual Intel Xeon CPU’s that are fully loaded with a minimum of 24GB RAM, high-speed drives and connected to ultrafast enterprise grade EqualLogic iSCSI SAN.

This guarantees the most reliable, efficient and reliable hosting possible.


Dedicated IP Addressing

Every LetsHost has a minimum of 1 dedicated IP address assigned just to you. No one else shares the same IP address, protecting you from blacklisting. It can also be useful for Search Engine Optimization. Additional IP addresses are available if needed.

Protected Mail Service

Cloud VPS Backups

Virtual machine backups are included with all our LetsHost plans. Backups can be manual or automated within your control panel. Single click restores are available 24×7. By default we take weekly backups. You can also purchase additional backup space if you require more backups.


Fully Redundant Raid 10 SAN

Our storage systems are built on fully redundant Dell EqualLogic SANs. Configured with RAID 10, our disk arrays are lightning-fast with no single point of failure. All data is further replicated on to a separate SAN to ensure 100% availability.


Self-Healing Scalable Resources

Cloud VPS servers utilise enterprise-class resilience. Multi-layered security, a self-healing architecture and automatic hypervisor failover ensures your VPS is available and with maximum uptime.

Our central monitoring servers constantly checks the status of all customer servers. If a hypervisor (Cloud Server) fails, the customer VPS will automatically failover to a redundant hypervisor.


Firewall Protection

All LetsHost servers have a built in firewall, that can be fully managed by the customer. The firewall is managed from a secure customer portal, and is pre-loaded with a default set of rules to ensure maximum protection form the outset. Customers can make changes to the firewall rules as needed. Remember, we’re on hand 24×7 if you ever need a hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is the difference between a Cloud Server and a Dedicated Server?
A:A LetsHost server has two main differences over a traditional dedicated server installation. Firstly we use a shared central storage system (Dell EqualLogic SAN’s) which allows your VPS to be moved seamlessly from one physical server, or Hypervisor, to another one without any user impact – this is called Hot Migrate. The central storage system allows us to provide our “self-healing” high availability features. If a fault develops in the initial server or if it needs to be taken down for maintenance, the cloud will automatically move your server to another server. Secondly we use Xen virtualisation technology – This allows several smaller virtual dedicated servers to run on one single physical machine, and this is why you can start with an extremely affordable smaller VPS server and scale up as demand requires. Secondly, We provide all the systems that allow you to scale a single server within the cloud to a much larger one than a traditional single server would allow).
Q:Is my cloud server dedicated to me?
A:Absolutely! At LetsHost, we utilize a server technology called “Xen”. This gives you a true enterprise grade virtual dedicated server environment, with dedicated and guaranteed resources all of your own, which are not shared with anyone else! You get full root access to your VPS and you can fully customized and optimize the VPS according to your needs. This is unlike shared hosting servers and other types of cheaper VPS servers on the market.
Q:Will you move my websites from my current hosting to your cloud?
A:Yes! If you use cPanel based web hosting with another hosting company our team would be happy to take care of migrating your sites on to a new LetsHost cloud platform free of charge!
Q:Can I use all the resources I pay for?
A:All LetsHost server products are sold without any overselling. The resources you pay for are exactly what you get. We never oversell or oversubscribe our cloud infrastructure, and you will not see words like ‘shared’ or ‘burstable’ when describing our cloud VPS. This is because all the resources you are quoted are 100% dedicated to your cloud server.
Q:Do I need to be technical or have any experience to use your cloud?
A:No, although we do cater for technical experts too! We have a team of VPS specialists working round the clock to help and assist you with any issues you have with your VPS. To avail of this, we offer a range of management plans where you can choose how much or how little you wish us to manage your VPS. Most VPS’s come with a Control Panel to allow easy management of your websites, databases, emails, etc. We even provide pre-built secured templates for some control panels.
Q:Can cloud hosting VPS server include cPanel WHM or other control panels?
A:Yes!. We are one on the largest resellers of Cpanel in the Country, and have in-depth knowledge and experience in deploying it. We provide a large range of other control panels that you may prefer to use with your VPS, including Plesk, Webmin and many more.
Q:What is the minimum contract?
A:We do not impose lengthy contracts on our customers, and prefer to let the reliability and quality of our service and support to speak for themselves. Our contract period is simply limited to the period you have pre paid. So whether you pay monthly or yearly, your contract renews at the next renewal period.
Q:How quickly can I create my server?
A:We check each order manually in order to prevent fraud, as well as some automated checks. You can expect your VPS to be approved within 1 hour of receipt of your order during business hours, or a little longer outside these hours. Once approved, your VPS can be live and online in as little as 5 minutes.
Q:How quickly can I upgrade my server?
A:You can upgrade (or downgrade) memory and CPU and Disk Capacity at any time. Once the order has been placed on the LetsHost billing system, you have immediate access to use these resources. You can then apply these resources to one or more of your VPS’s as needed. CPU and Memory upgrades are almost instant, while disk upgraded or downgrades take approx 30-40 minutes to complete.
Q:How many IP addresses do I get with my cloud VPS?
A:Each server is deployed with 1 unique IP addresses to start with. You can order additional IP’s from us and we charge a small monthly cost for each IP address assigned to your VPS.
Q:Do you support IPv6
A:At this time, we do not offer IPv6 support. However, please contact our Sales Department and they will be able to advise on our plan to roll this out in the near future.
Q:I don’t see what I am looking for on your website, help?
A:Please give us a call or use our Contact Us to touch base. We’ll be delighted to answer any questions you may have. Our telephone number is at the top of the page.