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The LetsHost Content Delivery Network (CDN) stores your data on servers located all around the world. Our CDN ensures high speed access for your visitors no matter where in the world they are located by automatically directing them to their nearest POP Location (locations with servers).

Non-CDN Site

With a non-CDN site, all data is hosted on a single shared server. Files are access by all visitors via the one server in one location.


CDN-Enabled Site

With CDN enabled, visitors access files with a seamless experience from the closest server located to them.


Increase Website Speeds

LetsHost CDN delivers your data, whether it’s an entire website, scripts, CSS, images, videos or more, to your visitors with fast and impressive load times no matter where in they are around the world. Online content that would normally take up to 7-seconds to load, can be delivered within just 1.5 seconds.

Speed is one of the most important factors for your online visitors. LetsHost’s Content Delivery Network makes sure that no matter what continent around the globe they’re located in, they experience your online data in the fastest possible times.

Fully Automated System

With LetsHost CDN, there’s no need for you to duplicate your content across all our servers. Our system pushes your original data files to our servers located around the world. Making your CDN experience a seamless and profitable experience. No time-wasted.

Low Cost Services

LetsHost’s CDN is priced per TB of traffic used so you don’t pay any unnecessary extra or hidden charges. Please contact us for full details.

Our CDN Locations

LetsHost’s CDN has secure servers located all around the world.

Western Europe
Madrid Milan Frankfurt Oslo Villeurbanne
Manchester Lisbon Zurich St.Asaph Gothenburg
Helsinki Amsterdam Groningen Stockholm Brussels
Copenhagen London Dublin
Eastern Europe
Gdansk Athens Budapest Riga Warsaw
Prague Saint Petersburg Cluj – Napoca Kiev Moscow
North America
Raleigh Chicago Tampa Portland Rancho Cordova
Ashburn Albany Scranton Salt Lake City Hamilton
Washington Atlanta Dallas Miami Phoenix
Toronto Los Angeles San Diego
Istanbul Ho Chi Minh Bursa Hong Kong Kuala Lumpur
Tokyo New Delhi
South America
Sao Paulo
Sydney Canberra
Cape Town