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US1 Status

18/08/2015 14:50:

One of our shared servers,, is experiencing hardware issues at this time. Engineers are working to bring the server back online ASAP, however we have been informed this could take several hours. Our current ETA for resolution is 19:00 IST.

We will update this status again at 16:00 IST. Apologies for the disruption experienced.

Update – 16:54:

We have restored the entire US1 server to new hardware, as the resolution for the existing server was taking too long. All websites have now been pointed to this new server, which has a new IP address of We are currently refreshing the databases, emails and files with ones taken from an offsite backup, which may take some time to complete. Additionally, it may take approx. 2-3 hours for your local DNS cache to update and point to the correct server.

We apologise for any disruption caused by this outage today. If you require further information/assistance here, please submit a ticket to the Support Dept. via your client area.