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What is Included With Each Domain

What is Included
  • Free Domain Privacy Service
  • Free Control panel to Manage All Your Domains
  • Bulk Update Feature Saves You Time and Effort
  • Free DNS Management
  • Free Web Forwarding

Transfer Your Domain to Us & Save

Transferring your existing domain to
LetsHost will save you time and money.

Multiple Domains
Domain Transfer General

Transferring your existing domain to LetsHost will save you time and money. We offer online domain management, including name server changes, online through our domain management console. We offer full DNS zone file management for every domain free of charge. LetsHost was one of the first companies to offer online name server management for .ie domains through our online control panel that connects to the iedr domain management systems.

ie Domain Transfers

.ie Domain Transfers

Transferring your .ie domain to LetsHost couldn’t be simpler. Simply place an order for domain transfer, and follow up by sending a signed fax on headed notepaper to the IE domain registry requesting that your domain is transferred to LetsHost. We will send you detailed instructions on exactly what to do once we receive your order.

.com/.net, etc Domain Transfers

.com/.net, etc Domain Transfers

To transfer your .com/.net/.biz/.info, etc domain name, simply place an order for domain transfer on the LetsHost website. Upon approval, our fully automated systems will then send you an email requesting that you verify the transfer and enter your EPP transfer key. Once completed, the transfer process will get underway. Please note, it can take a number of days for this domain transfer to complete.

Once your domain is transferred to LetsHost, you can use our Domain Management system to modify name servers. If you are also transferring your hosting account to LetsHost, please note that we do not automatically update your name servers. Please open a support request or use the online name server management control panel to update your name servers.

Domain Tier Discount


This means that the more domains your register with LetsHost, the bigger the discount! We guarantee to offer the lowest price for new .ie domain name registrations.

  • All domains, excluding .uk, can be registered for up to 10 years.
  • .ie domain registration is €9.99 for the first year. Thereafter, the price is €24.99 for all renewals. Transfer and mutiple year registration are charged at €9.99 per transfer, and €24.99 for subsequent renewals
  • are official registrars of the Irish Domain Registry, and full of Nominet UK – The Internet registry for .uk domain names
  • All Irish prices are exclusive of VAT at 23%. Domain registration fees are non refundable under any circumstances.
Domain Type Extension Duration Price p.a.
Irish Domain Names .ie Lowest Price 1 year €9.99 €24.99 Renewal rates
UK Domains 2 years €4.99 per year
US Domains .com / .net / .org 1 year €6.99 €9.99 Renewal rates
Business Domains .biz 1 year €6.99 €9.99 Renewal rates
Informational Domains .info 1 year €6.99 €9.99 Renewal rates
Other Domains .tel
.me Domain Search
1 year €6.99